Wedding info

We consider ourselves documentary photographers first, and portrait photographers second. All of the wedding images you'll find on our site come from real weddings. We've never done a styled shoot. We never pose fake moments or ask you to re-enact things. We believe in the real. We believe in family. We believe in love. We believe in telling your personal story, and if that involves taking time to visit your grandpa in the nursing home because he can't make it to the church, or making a stop at the cemetery to tell dad how much you wish he could be there to walk you down the aisle, we'll be there. There is nothing more rewarding and humbling than being asked to bare witness on one of the most important days of your lives. Wedding days are crazy, they are filled with so many emotions and moments for everyone involved, and we want to help you remember it all. Please contact us at the link above and we'd love to send you a detailed pricing pdf for wedding day coverage. 

We think finding a photographer that is the right fit for you is so important.

We love people who:

  • incorporate personal details into their wedding day.
  • aren't afraid to get a little dirty. (just a little, promise.)
  • write their own vows. 
  • are willing to take the risk for an outdoor wedding.
  • aren't afraid to cut a rug.
  • believe that your day isn't just the 'bride's day' but also the groom's.
  • or the bride + bride's day. or groom + groom's. Love is love.
  • trust us to do what we do.

*None of these are required. Except the trusting us part.


Do you have insurance and backup equipment? 

Yes + yes.

Will you be the ones shooting our wedding?

Yes, we do not contract out other photographers or have associates. You get us, Christy + Josh.

We are having a unique wedding. Can you be there?

Yes. We love when people truly make their wedding their own. Whether that's eloping, traveling to a destination, going to the courthouse, getting married in a hot air balloon, etc. (We've done all of the above!), don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to be there with you.

How early should I book?

Weddings book pretty far in advance. If you are interested in having us be the ones to tell your story, the sooner you contact us the better!

Do you provide Videography?

No, we personally do not feel that we'd be able to provide you with quality photo coverage if we were trying to do video as well. We can, however, provide you with some great recommendations!

Tell me more.

Great! Shoot us an email at the contact link above and we'll send over some info. From there, we'd love to set up a meeting to get together with you and learn more about your big day.