Photo Booth

Or as we like to call it, the coolest photo booth ever. Our booth is an open air studio style booth. We use professional studio lighting, as well as a professional dslr camera. This means your image quality is the best! This also means you can fit the whole gang in your photos. No squeezing into a small booth. 

What's included:

  • up to 4 hours of cocktail hour/reception coverage.

  • an attendant to set up and monitor the booth.

  • choice of one of our 30 backdrop options.

  • props. we like to keep it simple with our classic wooden props and our vintage inspired masks.

  • online viewing gallery with full resolution downloads.

  • rights to print.

  • unlimited 4"x6" prints, customized with your name and date.

Price: $695


Can we provide our own backdrops/props?

Yes + yes. Want to create your own special backdrop unique to your wedding/event, or utilize a wall/architecture of your space? Go right ahead! Contact us for space/dimension suggested size. Want to incorporate props specific to your wedding, feel free!

Can we do vertical images?

We no longer do vertical images for our booths, even though you may have seen some that were done that way in the past. Our booth is now set up for horizontal images only and for standing height. (Sorry, as much as we'd love to incorporate that awesome piece of furniture, we've contained our booth to make set-up more efficient which means we can't change this.)

Can you print double images to put in our guestbook?

We cannot set up our printer to print double. However, your guests can get in the booth as much as they want! We recommend putting out a sign telling them to take an additional photo to leave for your book.

Have other questions about our booth? Reach out to us using the contact link above!