Thanks for stopping By.

We are Christy Akemon and Josh Kramer. We're located in Cincinnati, OH but we love to travel. I mean, who doesn't right?! (So if you're getting married somewhere else, no matter where that may be, we'll come to you!)

We are a couple, and although not married yet, we know we'll spend the rest of our lives together. We're coming up on 8 years together and knew each other as friends for years prior to that.

We live in the suburb of St. Bernard with our pup, Lily. She's a 4.5 lb yorkie.

Wanna know more? Here's 11 facts about us:

  1. We live in an over-100-year-old Victorian home. We love the character and charm of it, but old houses can be a ton of work!

  2. We love donuts. Our Saturday morning routine, before weddings, usually consists of hitting up Bonomini in Northside or Holtmans in OTR.

  3. We were recently SCUBA certifited.

  4. We have a lot of tattoos. But don't worry, we'll cover them for your ceremony. The focus should be on you, not us.

  5. We love thrift store and antique mall shopping.

  6. We're both the oldest child in our families.

  7. We love Skyline Chili and eat it more than any human probably should.

  8. We love polaroids.

  9. We're officially in our 30's, but if people assume we're 20 something we'll take it.

  10. We got a great deal on an RV from Josh's grandma and drove across the country once. (So far! We hope to do it again soon.)

  11. We're so excited that you've taken the time to check out our work and get to know us.